Water Deioniser

A simple, cost effective method of producing 1 – 10µS/cm purified water at low volumes. The Labwater units incorporate an easily replaceable cartridge, containing specifically designed resin, which colour changes through absorption of ionic contaminants, facilitating a low level of maintenance.

On complete colour change from blue to brown, replace the cartridge. The units are available in two versions offering maximum flow rates of 30 and 60 litres per hour and come complete with:

  • Wall brackets and connections
  • Deionisation cartridge plus one spare
  • Colour change resin
  • Inlet on/off valve with 12mm hose connector
  • Outlet spout with flexible pipe

The units are typically wall mounted and are simply connected via a dedicated hose (supplied separately) to a tap or stopcock and operate direct from water pressure thus requiring no external electrical supply.

Purite Catalogue