Technical Support

Installation and Commissioning
Our support for analytical instruments begins with delivery of your equipment. We perform multi-point installation checks and, where required, IQ/OQ tests. We train laboratory and production staff in the operation of the instrument, familiarise them with software programmes and demonstrate cleaning and basic maintenance routines. We can also advise on aspects of your specific application to ensure accurate measurements.

Technical and Application Support
As the owner of analytical equipment from QCL the right advice is only a phone call away, free of charge. Our scientific and engineering staff are available to advise on any aspect of your analyser and its adaptation to your particular applications.

Analytical Quality Systems

QCL has created the Analytical Quality System (AQS) to ensure you get the best out of your analyser. Our calibration monitoring protocols challenge the calibration of analysers with certified reference materials across the whole calibration range, profiling the accuracy and precision of the instrument.

Certified Reference Materials
We supply high quality, certified reference materials (CRM's) for calibrating the accuracy of infra-red analysers. They are characterised by seven independent, accredited laboratories to provide the most accurate value for their composition. The samples are shock frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -20°C to give a shelf life in excess of 12 months.

Proficiency Tests
Our proficiency tests provide an objective and independent assessment of the quality and performance of your routine testing method compared to other participating laboratories. Results of the proficiency test can be used to demonstrate your analytical performance.

NIR Calibration Modelling
We are experts at NIR calibration development and modelling. We can develop calibrations for NIR systems that can be relied upon to give truly accurate results in seconds.