Micro pH Electrodes

Delicate Electrodes for Small Volumes, Fits 384 Microwell Plates
Micro electrodes are designed to measure small volumes down to 0.5 μL. These are extremely delicate electrodes because of their size and should be treated as such. The small stem and bulb diameter allow the electrode to be inserted into small devices such as 384 microwell plates. There are are a variety to choose from based on your measurement needs.

  • The ROSS 8220BNWP micro electrode provides the best accuracy and response time of the micro electrodes. It can be used in biological samples. The 8220BNWP is more durable than the silver chloride electrodes.
  • Silver chloride micro electrodes are single junction electrodes. They are available to measure samples as small as 0.5 μL, for use in NMR tubes and available with a stainless steel needle tip over the glass stem and bulb.
  • The double junction micro electrode is for moderate size samples. The double junction design is good for use when measuring TRIS samples, proteins, sulfides or biologicals.
8220BNWP PerpHecT ROSS Combination pH Electrode with Glass Body, Micro
Measures samples as small as 15 μL in 384 well plates.
pH Range 0-14
pH Precision 0.01
Temperature Range 0-100 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Internal Reference ROSS
Junction Sleeve
Dimensions L - 155 mm T - 3 mm x 40 mm L
Depth of Immersion 4.5 mm
Connector Type BNC Waterproof
9110DJWP Double Junction Combination pH Electrode with Glass Body, Semi-Micro Tip
Measure samples as small as 0.2 mL.  
pH Range 0-14
pH Precision 0.02
Temperature Range 0-60 °C
Internal Reference Ag/AgCl Double junction
Junction Ceramic
Dimensions L - 150 mm T - 4.5 mm x 90 mm L
Depth of Immersion  
Connector Type BNC Waterproof

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