AquaSensors are an innovative on-line analytical measurement system for water quality, process monitoring and control applications, offering reduced equipment and installation costs and improved reliability. Measurements include pH, ORP, contacting & toroidal conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen (ppm & trace ppb), dissolved ozone, drinking water and wide-range turbidity, suspended solids and free chlorine. AquaSensors unique design reduces equipment and installation costs while improving reliability in a wide variety of civic and industrial water treatment applications.

The patented DataStick measurement system features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data and can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. Any analytical sensor head can be plugged in to any DataStick tube body to automatically obtain accurate and reliable measurements. No intermediate analyzer boxes are necessary. Also available are AnalogPlus sensors and analyzers which are used in more traditional analytical measurement applications. To complete your installation, a full line of mounting hardware that includes tees, ball floats, union mounts, ball valves, sanitary fittings, immersion hardware, and sensor head wash units are also available.
AquaSensors Datastick

The patented DataStick measurement system features pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads that provide 24-bit data and can be calibrated, configured or diagnosed directly from a PLC or computer system. No intermediate analyzer boxes are necessary. AnalogPlus sensors and analyzers are used in more conventional analytical measurement applications.

  • Pre-calibrated plug-in sensor heads with 24- bit data for quick replacement in the field
  • Eliminates the requirement for analyzers thus reducing installation costs
  • Integral network protocols for Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus DPV0/DPV1, USB, and RS-232
  • AquaComm software connects to PC, PDA, PLC, and other computer programs to control of multiple DataSticks for measurement data, easy calibration and remote diagnostics options
  • Optional AV38 offers a localized display for point of use measured value visualization
Conductivity / Resistivity Dissolved
ORP pH Suspended
Wide Range
AquaSensors AnalogPlus

AnalogPlus sensors and analyzers are used in more conventional analytical measurement applications.

  • Rugged construction and reliable cabled sensors with improved reliability and accuracy
  • Integrates to AV88 Universal Analyzer as well as other industry standard analyzers
  • Differential pH/ORP technology reduces measurement interference, improves stability over time and allows for fast refurbishment of the reference junction
  • Offered in a complete line of measurement parameters for long use life in difficult process applications
Conductivity / Resistivity Differential
ORP 1"
ORP 1.5"
pH 1"
pH 1.5"
Oxygen (ppm)
AV38 AV88
AquaSensors RDO Pro DO Sensor

The latest generation in rugged luminescent dissolved oxygen technology for wastewater monitoring.

  • 0 to 20 ppm measurement range
  • No membranes, only annual field replaceable caps
  • High precision and accuracy with fast and stable response
  • No conditioning necessary prior to use, fast start up
  • Reduced maintenance, long lasting calibration
RDO Sensor                
Orion pHR Process ROSS Electrode

The pHR Process ROSS electrode offers high performance in a variety of applications. The ROSS reference system provides a drift free measurement system with the most accurate results.

  • Proven ROSS unmatched drift-free reference system
  • Accurate and reproducible results in high purity samples
  • Double junction design prevents contamination
  • Unparalleled pH response to extreme temperature changes
  • ROSS reference system provides longer lifetime


pHR Electrode                

The AquaPro multi-input intelligent process analyzer is far more than a 4-wire multi-input meter. It is a sophisticated and highly flexible analysis platform for a wide range of process applications. With up to four inputs or parameters, a user friendly interface and easy-to-use menus in seven languages, the AquaPro meets the needs of complex process operations.

  • Large colour display
  • Up to four sensor inputs
  • Up to eight current outputs
  • Up to six alarm/control relays
  • Multiple digital communication protocols
  • Broad sensor compatibility
Applications: High-purity applications to wastewater effluent
  Rugged industrial environments
  Process optimization and control applications
AquaClear DataStick Turbidimeter

For drinking water turbidity applications, the DataStick uses a pre-calibrated plug-in, optical detector. The DataStick is simply inserted into a sample chamber specifically designed to prepare water for turbidity measurements.

  • Utilizes a pre-calibrated optical DataStick technology and unique sample chamber to meet or exceed USEPA Method 180.1
  • Offers 0.001 NTU resolution
  • Low flow rate, and 135 mL sample chamber limits calibration solution usage
  • Integral temperature measurement and plug-in- play communication adapters
  • Meets or exceeds USEPA method 180.1
  • Pre-calibrated measurement
  • Plug & play sensor heads
  • Simple to operate
AquaTrace ppb Dissolved Oxygen System

This trace dissolved oxygen sensor will measure accurately in pure water processes. Monitoring at trace oxygen levels in critical processes will allow quick response and minimize costly downtime. Best performance is achieved when used in applications where process temperature, flow and pressure are stable. When used with the AV38 Local Display/Controller selecting a system to meet your requirements is easy. The controller displays data and you can select from several protocols to transfer information for record keeping.

  • Reagent-free amperometric design
  • Trace DO system consists of the Trace DO DataStick, flow cell, AV38 local display and is assembled on the panel for simple installation
  • Temperature compensated
  • Pre-calibrated, plug and play sensors
  • Rugged Teflon* membrane in replaceable sensor cap
  • Remote measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics
  • Convenient turn-key AquaTrace DO monitoring system offers reliable low DO measurements with a small footprint