Ovens and Incubators

Welland Range Ovens 300°C
A modern range of ovens, with a maximum operating temperature of 300°C, providing a combination of excellent performance and reliability. Increased power and low thermal mass encased fibre insulation ensure both fast heat up times and reduced recovery times. Reduced holding power once at set temperature, together with the insulation, makes the range economical. Cool safe outer case temperature.

Both gravity and forced air circulation models are available with a wide choice of control options, allowing the most critical performance criteria to be met. Where processes involve the liberation of flammable vapours, a stoving and curing option is available. Also, where processes involve large amounts of water, a moisture extraction option is available.

WHT High Temperature Ovens 400°C, 500°C and 600°C
The outer cases are fabricated from corrosion resistant zinc coated mild steel and finished in two tone hard wearing stoved epoxy/polyester coating. The inner chamber is constructed from polished stainless steel which provides resistance to chemical attack and allows easy cleaning after use. All units are provided with stainless steel shelves with multi-position settings for convenient loading and unloading. Maintenance free heating elements and fan motor are fitted.

Low thermal mass insulation materials are used throughout in order to achieve rapid heating and to allow efficient energy utilisation. The heavy duty fan ensures optimum temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber. Double skin construction provides a cool safe outer case. A variety of control options are available along with a stand and trolley to convert bench mounted ovens into floor standing models.

Lenton Welland Range Incubators 80°C
Available with a maximum operating temperature of 80°C and a minimum operating temperature of 10°C above ambient. Both gravity and forced convection models are available. All units have an integral sealed glass door to facilitate product inspection and are designed for long term accuracy and reliability.

A wide choice of control and programming options is available. Heat up times are excellent and temperature stability, with microprocessor three term control, varies from + 0.2°C to + 0.5°C, depending on the model type.