The Laboshake is a sturdy and reliable laboratory shaker with linear or circular motion, Suitable for all shaking tasks in chemical, biological or microbiological laboratories it features sophisticated bearing and transmission design to guarantee a constant shaking speed. Up to 9 speed/time programs can be programmed and retrieved, each with up to 9 different program steps. Shaking speed can be programmed continuously from 20 to 200 rpm. Zero speed is available for resting periods to stimulate processes or allow reactions to subside.

  • Can take loads of up to 30 kg
  • Large shaking platform
  • Optimum use of space with tiered attachments
  • Flexible applications with a variety of accessories
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic housing
  • S-485 interfaces

The Thermoshake is a sturdy and powerful incubator shaker for homogeneous mixing of organic cultures at a constant temperature and constant speed in continuous operation. Featuring linear or circular motion and continuous electronic speed and runtime control, up to 9 shaking programs with 9 time/shake stages each can be programmed and saved. Precise temperature monitoring and a thermally insulated temperature chamber guarantee stable temperatures. Cultures can be monitored at all times and the standard fluorescent lamp can be replaced with a grow light or daylight lamp. Temperature can be set continuously from 5 K above room temperature, up to 60 °C and remains precisely constant to < 1 °C and lighting and temperature can be activated separately..

  • Highly stable and equally distributed temperature
  • Energy savings from low heat loss
  • Transparent front door and Interior lighting
  • Multiple accessories for flexible applications