Oilseed - Analysis and Quality Control
Analysing oilseed provides data to inform the harvesting and drying process.

SpectraAlyzer Grain   OxiTester   OxiTester Junior
SpectraAlyzer   OxiTester   OxiTester
Rapid analysis of soybean, rapeseed and ground sunflower.

Parameters - Moisture, Protein, Oil, Starch, Hot Water Extract and Hardness.


With the OxiTester the level of FFA in oilseeds can be measured quickly and accurately, identifying optimal harvest timing and drying temperatures to ensure that the crop is suitable for human consumption and biofuel production.

Parameters - Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide Value and Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index.


With the OxiTester Junior is a smaller version of the OxiTester that can measure up to three samples at a time.

Parameters - Free Fatty Acids and Peroxide Value.