The Soxtherm automates and speeds the extraction process and can evaporate and recover the solvent. Available as two, four or six place systems, up to four units can be operated independently with software or a single programmable controller.

By immersing the sample in hot solvent the extractable material is removed more quickly than the traditional method. The solvent is re-circulated to rinse the extractable material into the bottom of the beaker. Finally the solvent is removed by evaporation automatically and recovered for safe disposal or reuse.

Safety systems include locating beakers and hotplate behind a glass door, cut outs for over-temperature hotplate, low water pressure and compressed air failure. The Soxtherm extraction system is spark proofed. Soxtherm is controlled by either a Multistat controller or Soxtherm Manager software. Cooling water is only used when the system is in operation.

Traditional acid hydrolysis methods involve the digestion of food and feed with strong Hydrochloric acid, in beakers on a hotplate, in order to digest the protein and to free the bound lipids. After digestion the sample is filtered, washed, dried then extracted by Soxhlet.

The Hydrotherm fully automates this process whilst still conforming to international standards of analysis. After processing on the Hydrotherm the filter paper is removed, dried and can then be placed on a soxhlet system for final extraction of the fat. There is no more handling of hot acids or acid fumes. Hydrotherm can be operated outside a fume cabinet.

Hydrotherm is the only system in the world to do an automated acid hydrolysis for the traditional fat determination according to Weibull-Stoldt.