Finance Schemes

Many of our analysers are available on finance schemes allowing you to avoid capital outlay and spread your payments over 2, 3 or 5 years. This provides you with a brand new analyser with minimal up-front expenditure and spreads the cost over time via fixed payments. The schemes finance everything related to the purchase and installation of the analyser.

Payments are 100% deductible against taxable profits and can be structured to fit your requirements. The schemes reduce the drain on working capital and are generally not classified as debt but as a running cost or expense.

At the end of the scheme you have the option to buy the analyser for a nominal fee or renew the scheme and receive a brand new replacement instrument. Some examples of the schemes are shown below, for more details please call 01342 820820 or e-mail

FoodLab CiderLab BeerLab Veriflow
LactoScope FTIR Quant