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Cheese - Analysis and Quality Control
We supply a wide range of analysis options for monitoring the quality and safety of finished cheese. Other analytical options allow the impact of temperature and curd-cutting techniques to be assessed.

DairyQuant   SpectraAlyzer Dairy   LactoScope Cheese Application
DairyQuant   SpectraAlyzer Food   LactoScope Cheese Application

Measures samples in rotating Teflon, glass or plastic dishes providing rapid analysis of finished cheese. Easy to use and delivers reliable and consistent results.

Parameters - Moisture, Fat, Salt, pH and Fat in Dry Matter.


The ideal solution for routine analysis of major quality parameters providing quantitative analytical results within 45 seconds.

Parameters - Fat, Moisture Protein


An application to allow the LactoScope FTIR Advanced and LactoScope Filter C4+ model to analyse cheese to optimise the production process. Sample preparation is just 60 seconds.

Parameters - Fat, Protein, Salt, Moisture and pH.

FoodLab   LactiWhey   AMP 6000
FoodLab   FoodLab   BacTrac 4300

Fast, simple and reliable analysis system. Pre-programmed tests are easily selected and the system does not require specific training.

Parameters - Chloride and Lactic Acid.


Measures whey composition at various key points in the cheese-making process to improve efficiency in curd cutting, minimise fat and protein losses and ensure consistent quality and yield optimisation.

Parameters - Fat, Protein, Solids, Extraneous Water, Lactose, Density and pH.


Automated platform for determining the number of microbes on microtiter plates.

Parameters - Clostridia, TVC

BacTrac 4300   pH Test Kit   Moisture Analysers
BacTrac 4300   pH Test Kit   Moisture Analysers

Rapid, automatic detection and enumeration of micro-organisms. Simple sample preparation and no manual plate handling.

Parameters - TVC in Cheese and E. coli in Soft Cheese.


Measure the pH of cheese at different stages of the cheese making process to assist with product quality, safety and shelf life.

Parameters - pH.


Feature halogen heating and precision weighing to quickly and effectively measure the moisture content of butter.

Parameters - Moisture.
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