Calibration Services
Milk and Cream Analysers
We offer expert on-site calibration service using exceptionally accurate calibration standards for all milk and cream analysers:
  • LactoScope FTIR
  • LactoScope Filter
  • Fluorophos ALP
  • Cryoscope

A QCL expert will visit your site and fully calibrate your analyser for milk and cream analysis as a bespoke service tailored to your requirements. All calibrations are certified stating accuracy and correlation. Accurately calibrated analysers result in optimised production and assure product specifications are met.

Milk and Cream Calibration Standards
Standaron are frozen, preservative-free standards for raw milk, production milk and cream:

  • Excellent accuracy and range
  • Extremely long shelf life, greater than 2 years
  • Available as calibration sets or individual standards

Standaron standards are suitable as calibration, verification and pilot samples. They are reference analysed by seven ISO17025 accredited laboratories with certified uncertainty of measurement values

Dairy Analytical Quality System
DAQS provides continuous monitoring of milk and cream analyser accuracy with expert analysis and calibration advice. Reference standards are regularly tested against a schedule and analyser performance is tracked. Any deviation from accuracy is quickly evident, investigated and corrected.

pH Meters
We also offer a calibration service for Orion meters.