Analyser Servicing

Properly maintained equipment is less likely to let you down so we offer a range of service cover options to keep your analyser in optimum condition and your expenditure under control. Our service centre is centrally located in Leicestershire and our manufacturer trained engineers are strategically positioned around the UK to deliver a quick response for emergency breakdown requests, maintaining an average response time of less than 24 hours.
We support many customers who work 365 days a year. For scheduled service visits we always liaise with our customers to arrange the most convenient time to attend to fit in with instrument workload and staff availability.

Workshop Services
Some customers may find it more convenient or less costly to send their instruments to our workshop for repair, servicing or calibration. The turnaround time is usually within 48-hours of receipt. For critical instrumentation we may be able to reduce this turnaround time to 24-hours.

Orion pH Meter Calibration Service
Our calibration service is designed to ensure that your analytical measurements continue to meet the highest standards. Our service centre provides a comprehensive diagnostics test and a full internal electronic calibration verification traceable to UKAS certified standards.

Service Centre
QCL Service Centre
Room 11
International House
Stubbs' Gate
Newcastle under Lyme

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For further information on our service contracts please contact us on 01342 8208220 or e-mail

Equipment We Service
Lactoscope FTIR Advanced (FTA)
Lactoscope Filter
SomaScope Smart
Cryoscope 4250
Cryoscope 4D3
Fiske Mk2
Fluorophos ALP
J47 Refractometer
J57 Refractometer
J157 Refractometer
J257 Refractometer
J357 Refractometer
J457 Refractometer
AutoPol I Polarimeter
AutoPol II Polarimeter
AutoPol III Polarimeter
AutoPol IV Polarimeter
AutoPol V Polarimeter
AutoPol VI Polarimeter
Autopol VII Polarimeter
Autopol 589 Polarimeter
Autopol 880 Polarimeter
DDM 2909 Density Meter
DDM 2910 Density Meter
DDM 2911 Density Meter
Turbo 1 Titrator
Turbo 2 Titrator
AF8 Titrator
pH Meters*
Conductivity Meters*
RDO Meters*
ISE Meters*
ORP Meters*
*Calibration check only
TIM580KF Titrator
TIM840 Titrator
TIM845 Titrator
TIM865 Titrator
Bactrac 4300
ยต-Trac 4200