About Us
QCL has been serving laboratory scientists in the UK for more than 35 years, providing innovative, rapid analytical testing products for a wide range of industries.

We source equipment from around the world, using our expertise to select the most advanced, robust and cost-effective analytical solutions.

We maintain a high level of technical expertise enabling us to deliver excellent customer service, developing operating procedures and calibrations to ensure that our customers can achieve the accuracy and efficiency required from their testing regimes.

Case Studies
Studies we have carried out with our customers and examples of how they benefit from our equipment and support.
Hackney Brewery
This study was designed to determine the effect of late and dry-hopping on bitterness. This was measured throughout the brewing process using the BeerLab to measure the IBU value of two Hackney beers. This would give a number of IBUs that could be picked up from late-hopping and subsequently dry-hopping, to ultimately provide a rough late/dry-hop ‘utilisation’ that could be applied to different recipes when brewing to specification.
  North Star Lipids
This producer of functional, high value plant derived natural oils purchased the FoodLab to replace outsourced testing in order to speed up product release. Using external laboratories annual costs were quite significant and the wait for results could be up to 7 days. The instant availability of results from the FoodLab meant that decisions on approval of batches could be made immediately.
Woodmancote Vineyard
The WineLab was used to measure fermentable sugars and total acidity during the grape ripening process, to ascertain the best time to harvest the grapes. The study showed the WineLab to be more accurate than the traditional refractometer. The analyser was also used to monitor YAN and sulphur dioxide during the winemaking process.
  Long Man Brewery
This study analysed the mash process of 3 beer styles in terms of fermentable sugars, starch, pH, and FAN using the BeerLab. The analysis illustrated the day-to-day variations in the sugar production for each mash, showing it was possible to shorten the mash time by up to 15 minutes per brew, resulting in a saving in time and energy costs,
Shepherd Neame Brewery
The Kent based brewery evaluated the BrewPAL system for detection of Pediococcus and Lactobacilus to see if was an improvement over the traditional plating out methods to enable faster product release. The trial involved running tests on yeast slurry samples, fermentation samples and forced bottles. The BrewPAL tests provided quantitative test data in less than 3 hours which was confirmed by the plating tests and the system was adopted.
  Bad Co Brewery
Shortly after moving into thier new brewery Bad Co wanted to introduce in-house quality control to ensure consistency of the finished product, essential in the pursuit of listings with national retaillers, The BeerLab provided the solution, enabling analysis of the brewing water and monitoring the production process, tracking any changes from start to finish.
Northern Monk Brew Co.
QCL carried out a study in collaboration with Northern Monk to investigate the effect of dry-hopping on fermentable sugars and ABV.

Trade Associations
QCL are members of the following organisations:

Brewing Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association Society of Independent Brewers Institute of Brewing
and Distilling
Official Trade Supporter of London Brewers’ Alliance
Campden BRI Society of Dairy Technology Sensors for Water Interest Group Paper Industry Technical Association